Christopher Kai, Founder of Mathem Group,

The Gifters Podcast interview

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I Chrissy
WooHoo! I was invited to spend time on Christopher's Podcast !

'You need to live your life with

purpose ... '

find out the short cut to be an author
I could not afford to bury my dad....
Christopher Kai is the world’s leading authority in story-based leadership, a Fortune 100 global speaker, #1 global bestselling author, and founder of GPS, the premier speaker training program in the world with clients in 100 cities, 24 countries, and 5 continents.

The Gifters Podcast is an Apple 5-Star Reviewed Podcast. They have had more than 70,000+ listeners from 92 countries. They have interviewed 1,000+ entrepreneurs and inspiring individuals starting with our 1st guest billionaire and entrepreneur Elon Musk. 


Past guests include billionaire and tech visionary Elon Musk, a 2-star former U.S. Army Major General, the inventor of The Sports Bra, #1 bestselling authors, global influencers, Fortune 100 executives, a former Navy Seal, a former CIA agent, Olympians, one of the only female pilots in the entire country of Uganda (44 million people), the youngest NYSE female stock trader, various YPO executives, a former U.S. diplomat, and various former White House personnel.

Listen to the interview here
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