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"The Power of Collaboration

will be useful to anyone who wants to implement these strategies as it comes packed with useful examples and exercise to make it happen."

Chrissy Tasker has spent years getting under the bonnet of some of the world's renowned organisation seeking alliances with different companies and business owners. Across the different sector, we see how collaboration can bring together ambitious individuals to become more than the sum of their parts.



Alone we can do so little;

together we can do so much.

Helen Keller

Captain Deepa Kuruvilla


Founding Partner of Legal Consultant - India

It has been a great pleasure working with Chrissy. I cherished these days of writing, and the book getting incubated in your publishing lab TWISB Publishing and enjoyed the process till it's finality as a beautiful book and was thrilled that it became #1 BestSeller in Amazon on Day one.

I will always remember fondly as this is the book that gave me the title of a published Author, beautifully scale-up of life, and my heartfelt gratitude that you and TWISB participated with me to make it happen. Thank you, Chrissy, and TWISB

Audrey Mulliva


Speaker and founder of NethealthING

To have such a Great experience publishing the first book and not having to worry about the different steps, I felt that I am in safe hands.

I look forward to the next book Collaboration Project.

Mahendra Kapadia


Product Manager

Chrissy Tasker Brought out the best in every of the team member in the process of our book Collaboration. Is Quite something to witness how she can draw everyone out with her seamless process.

Shane Quinnell.jpg

Shane Quinnell

Speaker/Explorer / Renewable Energy Expert

It has been a wonderful experience collaborating with Chrissy Tasker. 


Keziah Wong

Financial Consultant 

It has been a great joy working with Chrissy. She had made things so easy and smooth for us because of her commitment, dedication, and professionalism


Khoa Toa Nam

Speaker and Owner of Gym

Working with Chrissy Tasker gives me the courage and confidence to start my

own Solo book. It have been such  great experience to Collaborate with her and her team

 Collaboration is about so much more than a tool for achieving business goals or personal dreams. Collaboration is about compassion, Love , Support , Kindness , and the power that we gain when we share with each other and lean on each other 

Mentoring Women's Entrepreneur and Business owner from small to big organization to harness the power of collaboration .

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Chrissy Tasker is a passionate and engaging speaker that often capture the audience attention with her interesting and in-depth research topic


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